Renting a canoe

In our area we have a number of beautiful rivers that are ideal for a beautiful canoe trip. We’ve seen the pictures. Everything looks different from the water. Nature is sometimes unrecognizable. There is so much animal life in and around the water that you do not actually see if you are not on the river.

Close to home we have the Auvézère. When the water in the river is high, it is possible to depart with a canoe from Cubjac (5 minutes drive) you will be taken upstream. You can choose from a number of distances. In front of our house you can take a break at the Blâme waterfall. 

We also have the Vézère nearby. A nice place for canoeing is Montignac or St Leon sur Vézère. On this tour you will see ancient sites such as La Roque St Christophe from the waterfront.

The river of the Périgord is of course the Dordogne. There are a large number of places from which you can board the canoe. As a bonus we have Brantôme. The Venice of the Dordogne.

Time to discover for yourself!