Kano verhuur

In our area we have a number of beautiful rivers that are ideal for a beautiful canoe trip. We’ve seen the pictures. Everything looks different from the water. Nature is sometimes unrecognizable. There is so much animal life in and around the water that you do not actually see if you are not on the river. […]


In a large area around Château La Barge you will find wonderful opportunities for cycling. With cycling your reach is just a bit greater than with a walk. Hill on hill. It requires at least 7 gears on your bike, but you get something for that. You cycle through quiet villages, over hills with beautiful […]

Boom klimmen

Tree climbing at Thenon The Appel de la Foret (the call of the forest) in Thenon offers a dozen routes with 110 different challenges ranging from climbing, cable crossing and dropping off at lianas (the Tarzan way). You can make crossings from 5 to 150 meters long and are guaranteed to be busy for two […]


If you like walking, sporty or relaxed, the surroundings of Château La Barge offer many possibilities. There are many marked hiking trails in the Dordogne. A Grand Randonee runs right past our chateau. The GR646. You can explore part of this from the Château.